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PureSweat Fitness

No Excuses, Just Results.

Having a coach and a community to support you makes a HUGE difference when trying to achieve your fitness goals. Real results are just around the corner!


Functional Training with PureSweat Fitness

PureSweat Fitness (formerly Pure S.W.E.A.T.) uses a variety of methods including high intensity interval training to maximize results in a team setting that offers real accountability to reach your fitness goals.

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PureSweat Fitness is more than a gym, it’s a team of people who challenge and encourage each other to build strength and endurance.


PureSweat Fitness members are reaching their fitness goals, using a variety of methods within a community approach to achieve new levels of physical fitness.

Our coaches will motivate you and hold you accountable so you can see the results you desire!



Salisbury | Seaford | West OC | Millsboro


Head Coaches

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